Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be a Partner in a Great Mitzvah!

Shalom this is Reb Nati, I am Happy to announce that we have purchased a Sefer Torah for the new Kehila of Hodayah V'Smicha in Beit shemesh and the Yeshiva of Yesh ma l'asot. Contact us if you would like to contribute or to become a partner in this mitzvah. As we are building a new English speaking Yoreh Deah Yeshiva in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. The need has become apparent to us that we need to have a Emunah based community outreach program and learning facility. The times we live in are tight but we know that all new beginnings are difficult. But Chazal tells us that the Mitzvah of Tzedakah/charity, opens all the locked doors. So if you or someone you know is in need of a bracha help us, and I promise you that you will see new opening in the windows of shefa and blessing. So far I have paid for or pray for everything we have for the new community I need partners in this endeavor. We need plastic chairs and a Bimah the table for reading the Torah on. An Aron Hakodesh and Sidurim & Chumashim as well as. To help to pay for the Sefer Torah I need to raise for the remainder of the Torah another $6.000 that comes to $550 per month for this next year. i need commitments for this as i have to pay this in the next three weeks. My salary is only $700 a month. and my family needs to eat. The building that we are meeting in also cost money, Hashem will help. We have been promise a lot and prefabbed structure for our Shul and Yeshiva but it will take another $25,000 for the site prep. The deal is like this. To receive a $100,000 building we have to pay for the site prep and then the local government will donate the building. So I asking for your help . I am not asking for anyone to more than they can. But if just 700 people will give 36$ a month then we can do this. That's two times Chai a month for a year. 2x 18$($36)x12= our success. Anyone who wishes to donate for chairs and the Seforim we need can do so for a loved one or in the tzechut of someone who has passed away. We need these things now, as we are three weeks away from full time services. Please pray about it and know that you are helping the Geula come by being part of this great mitzvah!

Thank you and good shabbos
Shalom From Reb Nati


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