Monday, June 11, 2012

Do not become Distracted for a moment, you might miss it!
 Yom sheini parshas shelach lekha 5772

To my brothers and sisters;
As we draw closer to the days of the Geulah all of us need to be careful, especially now, to remember the World to Come everyday, both in the general and in the particular details of our lives. This is an obligation for every person, no matter who he may be, through everything that happens to him.

'Everything that happens to a person everyday is all hints from Hashem to draw him closer, from where ever that person may be. For Hashem contracts Himself from Absolute Infinity into the minutest details of our lives IE.Creation' (likutey Moharan I, 54).

Remember this well and guard this memory vigilantly each day just remembering it is very good do not become distracted. Just know also that all the great unrest and upset of the tempest that the world has become, has risen up against us all as a result of envy, Ayin HaRa. They know their time is short and they still rage against us! Even as their own are being destroyed they march on us with hatred and fury! And know this is all stirred up against the True Tzaddik, who is working to remind the world, and specifically us of the World to come.  For there is no one who speaks about and works for this the way he does.

Understand this well! 

For those of us who understand, that at any rate, we have been recused, through Hashem's wondrous mercy and kindness, from opposing the truth and attacking him, it is incumbent upon each one of us to accustom ourselves to walk in his Holy pathways and to remember the World to Come, Olam Haba every day.

This will suffice for now for the one who desires Truth.

With blessings and waiting on salvation.
Reb Nati

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rachel Imenu's Yartziet

We will be there live from kever Rachael, posting and broadcasting the event join us there this Tuesday.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Night of Our Redemption!

Remember! Tonight is the time of the real redemption as it was tonight that he Yam split and we were truly saved! Hashem did what was good, and continues to do what is good, because everything is with amazing Divine Providence. And kniw this is the essential force behind all miracles and redemption's, especially the first Redemption, the exodus from Egypt, with tool place tonight.

And it all through His salvation and amazing providence.

For in truth all that happens to us everyday is by no means a trivial matter and every person has to remember this every single day.

It is necessary to remember this and remember it well everyday!

"for Hashem heard, Hashem saw, Hashem REMEMBERED!"

Thanks to the living G-D that He provided us with the complete remedy before the illness arrived.

And this is a remez to those who are awake and can see and hear. Because we know about such amazing light of lights, the likes of whom has never before existed! and do not forget the kindness that Hashem has done for us in this regard.

It is the answer, and the comfort and the cure for everything that confronts each of us every single day. Be careful to guard and watch over your soul's carefully! that you not forget, what you you have seen with your mind's eye and what your ears have heard from the day that you became aware of all this until today, to remember! "that all comes from and is Hashem!!!!

it is good to thank Hashem who has helped us this far! it is very fitting to be greatly joyful on this night and at mid night to sing 'AZ a Shir Moses' out loud and with kavanah! And to dance, and long for the final redemption as this is the night that has the greatest spiritual potential!

The night of our Freedom!

Fortify yourselves determinedly to fill yourselves with joy, especially on this Yom Tov! "For even slave girls and commoners saw what the prophets could not!"

Just accustom yourselves to being free men, And know we have someone who is preforming on our behalf all tikunim and rectifications we need at all times. It is incumbent upon us to joyfully praise the Master and Creator of All that we have able to know about the one who is engaging in the rectifcation of our souls for all eternity. *Hashem Himself* For He alone is the Tzaddik HaEmes! and He alone can save!

May it be His will to send you, and me, Salvation to be worthy of truly attaining the joy of Yom Tov and making a completely new start, from this point on, in drawing close to Hashem now and forever!


Gut Yom Tov form Beit Shemesh

Reb Nati

Friday, March 18, 2011

Parshas Zachor

Gut Shabbos!

From Beit Shemesh in the Holy land, It is a must to be in shul this shabbos to hear the Torah reading this week, as we are obligated to remember to blot out the very remembrance of Amalek!

That is the Amalek that dwells inside each of us! We must banish all trace of doubt from our lives. And how do we do this? We give thanksgiving to Hashem and through this hodya! We come to true real simcha! And it is through this type/level of joy that we get Da'as the knowledge that Hashem is in control of every event is creation! and thus we give no place for Amalek to dwell thus banishing him form this world and thus uniting Hashem and the Shekeina!

May we all gather on this Purim the the Holy chuppah of Hashem! Dance and sing it will set you free!

 Gut Shabbos and hag shamayach! have a kosher and happy purim!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A New Begining

Shalom to all.
please spread this to all who wish to come

We are making a Rosh Chodesh sudah and the grand opening of the yeshiva in English

Please come and join us this next week We would love for you to come and speak to us please.

you can call me at 050 851 4325 or at thank you

On Wednesday the 14 of April we have having a open house and a sudah for Rosh Chodesh in the new location we will davin a 7am and sudah Chalavi, to follow, along with the first shiur from Rav Don Chananen.

The is as follows Seder is starting 9 -13 shiur halacha Issur V'Cheter, Chalav V'Basar at 1300+ Mincha at Gedolah and lunch then at 14:00 until 16:00 Shiur in Gemora Makos. There will be various shiurim to be announced in the evening in shalom beit and chasidut and Emunah life style. and guest speakers, open to the public. I look forward to seeing you there.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kimcha d'Pischa - Help the Poor for Passover

by Reb Nati at Project Emunah

When we say "Zeman Charusaynu", the time of our redemption has arrived on Passover, will others be able to say it as well? Unfortunately, some just aren't able to do so. In the past few years many have lost their jobs, lost their cars, lost their homes. Others, who were committed to learning Torah while being generously supported by Jewish communities from around the world have lost that support and find themselves struggling to enter a job market where even those with top skills are having trouble.

Now we're just two chassidim trying to do what we can for those around us in need. We operate with no overhead (beyond basic credit card charges to accept donations), no office, no secretary, no staff, no advertising. Every dollar / pound / euro / rubel / krona / etc that we raise goes direct to the needy. Since (to be honest) we're at the point of being needy ourselves, we can only rely on you to help us help others. (And if you want to help us too, the donation form [now] offers a place to designate some for us. And if not, that's ok too! We're asking for others, not for ourselves.)

Kimcha D'Pischa, Charity for the Poor to help with Passover Needs is a mitzvah required by every Jew. If you'd like to help us help those in need in Israel (and the needy in Israel are considered as the poor of your own city), please DONATE HERE...

Thank you and tizku l'mitzvot!

Emunah News Network follow up

by Reb Nati at Project Emunah

Kimcha D'Pischa 2

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We are on our way!

by Reb Nati at Project Emunah

We are on our way! Refresh yourself, Take an "Emunah Moment"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Help the Needy for Passover!

A special Emunah News Network Report...two chassidim helping the poor over 4 years in Israel. View the video and help them help the poor again this year! Kimcha D'Pischa, charity for the poor for their Passover needs, is a personal responsibility we all have.

Thanks to a special tzadik, Uriel Maarav, for his help in making this video happen. Check out for professional voiceovers.

Friday, February 19, 2010

We have no one to lean....

by Reb Nati at Project Emunah

"We have no one to lean but our Father in heaven", (Sotah)

We are told that this is how it will be in the end and this will be what we feel in the last days. And all of this is to remind us to begin anew to crying out to Hashem that He should allow us to truly come close to him.

May the master of Mercy have compassion on all of us. May we merit to walk in His path ways of truth, so that we will never be ashamed.

Let us be glad and rejoice in His salvation!

This is the essence of perfect faith to believe that Nature is governed by Hashem and that Nature itself is Divine Providence. Some one who's belief in this is complete, he is able to alter nature. For he knows the Truth, that there is actually no Nature at all. And that Hashem governs His World according to this particular order we call 'Nature'. "The one who told oil to light, can tell vinegar to light" (Taanit 25a).

So we see that all miracles occur only as a result of belief that the entire order of Nature is governed by Hashem, Who directs and sustains His world through the letters of the Torah and their various combination's.

Anyone who knows all this can preform awesome miracles and change Nature, because he knows that everything happens by Hashem's will. All this occurs through prayer. For only through the medium of prayer is it possible to attain this knowledge with any degree of frequency. The Searcher of hearts knows the truth, that we cry out to Him in truth! It is known that all the miracles that Hashem performed for the Tzaddikim were a result of prayer (megillah 27a)

The only thing that can surly help any of us at this time, is prayer! Lots of prayer will you not cry out today He is here wait by your side to receive our prayers and help us if we would just surrender and cry out "Father help us!"


by Reb Meir at Project Emunah

Rebbe Nachman once commented that before an outstanding and true Tzaddik descends to this world it is possible to serve and come close to Hashem without the external help of the Tzaddik. However, once the Tzaddik does come into the world it is absolutely impossible to properly and truly serve Hashem without the help of this Tzaddik.

The reasoning behind this is that for every positive force in creation there is an equally opposite force of evil sent into the world. This is necessary in order to allow free will to continue existing. Thus along with this Tzaddik comes along a deeper and stronger force of evil to the world making it practically impossible to come close to the truth of one's purpose in life without the help of that Tzaddik who has enough strength and life force to combat this evil.

Rebbe Nachman once commented that we "now" have to give the yetzer hara a new name: IMAGINATION. It can be understood that "now" that Rebbe Nachman has come into the world and he maximized the use of positive imagination throughout his teachings and stories (as can be seen by anyone who has carefully and sincerely looked at his teachings how he takes a person away to "a totally different world" and "ballgame" in Judaism) – there is also an equal and opposing force of evil Imagination.

Look around today and see that literally everyone – religious or not – is suffering with phobias and sicknesses due to the imagination. The yetzer hara today has now reached the inner-conciousness and mentality of man. Forget about the physical pogroms and assaults on the Jewish nation – now we have a deeper and more personal problem – the Amalek within! A "regular" Jew today goes through in one day more mental suffering and anguish than the greatest tzaddikim in previous generations (Rebbe Nachman once said that a simple Jew today will be as unique as the Baal Shem Tov).

Today there is a lack of true simchah in life, simplicity, simple faith and fear of Hashem. Everything has become complicated in life. The Rebbe once commented that even a baby in a crib will already be filled with sophistry.

Therefore, due to the deep and mental sickness of this day and age we have no choice but to hold on and attach ourselves with unswerving determination to this Tzaddik who can combat this "Amalek" - these mental attacks on our imagination. This is why Rebbe Nachman stresses again and again attachment to the Tzaddik – for what other option does exist to remain a simple, sincere and devout Jew?

With attachment to the Tzaddik a person is "GUARANTEED" to make it in life – thus crossing the narrow bridge safely. This attachment affords a person the guarantee that the Tzaddik will never, ever, ever let go of this person until he is completely and fully rectified.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Emergency Warning E.D.S. Alert


The governments of the world and the United Nations and the World Health Organization announced today that there is a pandemic of global proportion.

The G12 has admitted today "That it has been spending trillions of dollars in an effort to control and contain this terrorizing threat." With no success at all, in fact we have only exacerbated the outbreak

A spokesman for the the W.H.O. was quoted as saying"that We do not even understand where to begin". Medical researchers at many of the worlds leading universities are working around the clock to find a solutions. To no avail.

Reports are coming in from around the world of chaos and confusion as people are dying needlessly. We are told that the symptoms are many and varied. With anxiety and stress being seen among the majority of victims. There is an over whelming feeling of mistrust that accompanies most. The rampid and rapid spread of the disease is out of control and the diagnosis is compounded by its AIDS like transmutable ability and the fact that it's as infectious if not more so, as Ebola. "We are faced with the single most deadly disease since the Black Plague", (one official said). "Medical science is frankly at a loss", "We just do not know what do to." (a professor from the red cross in Geneva). We are hearing reports from every continent around the globe, there does not seem to be any place that has not been affected. (world news)

As people around the world cir cum to its deadly effects we are just understanding that this is a congenital disease and very contagious. Nine out of ten people are suffering with this. It is very possible that you or someone you know is infected.

dah dah...beep! wait a minute this just in off the wire...

However, It was announced today in Israel that there has been a break through. We are happy to announce that we here at Yesh Ma L'Asot Yeshiva have met with experts today that tell us that after 6000 years of research there is hope for Emunah Deficiency Syndrome.

"We here in Beit Shemesh understand this disease and are working to contain it". "There is hope!" (the leading professor of institution) "There seems to be one therapy that works on most cases. "We have seen improvements in almost every case that has been brought to us, for those who adhere to the therapy even those who are terminal can recover from the this devastating affliction".

We spoke with one of the Professors today he was very encouraging "We have a break through"

"It is in our hopes that we can spread the news of this cure". We are in possession of case histories, As for this disease the clinical trails have shown over the last 4000 years that it works 100% on everyone who has taken this therapy. And there has been no know side effects to the treatment, except for a joyful stress free life.

We are also happy to announce that in the last 200 years there has been the greatest of all advances in treatment of this traumatic plague. We have seen in recorded case studies that there are those who have fully recovered from the effects of this scourge.

We are giving therapy free of charge at our center in Beit Shemesh, feel free to come and receive your free treatment for this Emunah Deficiency Syndrome. Donations are excepted to help others

Therapy is being conducted Sunday through Thursday 9am til 3pm
in English at the Yeshiva Yeshmalasot here in Beit Shemesh, for those of you who are here in Israel. And for the rest of you on Wednesday
from 2pm til 4pm,on Radio Yeshamlasot Live from Beit Shemesh. We are located at 6b/15 Nachal Nachshon Beit shemesh, At the Yesh Ma L'Asot Yeshiva. Come join us and soon there will be a evening shuir as well.

Many are finding help through our Emunah Therapy, and even reversing the effects of the E.D.S.
Please help us to fight this debilitating disease by spreading the great news that there is hope!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Waking up

When have you woke up and realized your whole life is a lie? 
Well, everyday that your first thought is not Modeh Ani, is a lie as we will see.

We really have to get into our heads that this life, in this body is just an avatar our souls animate our body. The body we are told, is a golem and only slightly resembles our soul so when we look in the mirror we see a very blurred and distorted version of our real selves.

Our struggle in this state is to be aware and to stay aware of this fact and to as hard as it is, to focus on our real true mission here. You see this is a wonderful world if you view it from reality, it is a Gan Eden. But if you fall into the distraction, then it is a living hell of Gehenom.

You and I choose multiple times a day in which way we will to view it. It has been simplified by the rabbi’s who have shown us the right and correct way to connect to the ‘real’ the ‘alive’ instead of the ‘dead’ of the lie. The structure of our prayers and our learning are designed to help us to from the minute we wake up till we go to sleep focus on the Tachilit the, Emeser Emes, the truth of truth.
 It not easy, even, for those of us who have made it our whole lives’ goal. Just to try and stay focused; we find it at times very difficult to interact with others and events of this world. The World around us by design was to be a perfect place in which every interaction was to be a total reminder of the One who made it. He desired our presence just so He could commune as it were with His children. He longed through the ageless eternity to have essence.  

He created us so that we would choose to be, and to commune with Him. Many of us fall and return daily from this level of consciousness. For some this is hourly. Our hope should be to increase the rate at which we are conscious. These flashes are the result of the constant struggle to remain attached to the source of all the truth and the life. This is our sustenance and our very ‘soul’ lives depend on our attachment to this source.  But sadly to say there are those of us who have just given up and have chosen to just fall asleep and let our time run out. This hospice mentality is a deadly one, just to stay spiritually drugged up until the end. There are two levels of chesder, or concealment.
One is a chesder within a chesder, concealment within a concealment, and this is where most of the world is holding today.

This is the worst situation of all where they do not even realize that they are in a comatose spiritual vegetative state. There is no hope of waking without the greatest of professors i.e. Tzaddik Emes coming and pulling them out of this state. Then there is just a single concealment and this where, the rest of us are. In this state we know vaguely, as we are wake sometimes and asleep at others, we have glimpses of understanding, and later remembering that we are phasing in and out of consciousness. In this state we also need the Tzaddik to come and help us to stay awake. If we at one of these alert times see and find ourselves by the tzaddik then we have grab him and cling to him. Only he can help us and teach us how to remain in a state of consciousness. It takes total commitment and stubbornness to cling to him. 

The whole point of the story of our Exodus from Egypt is to be an example of our coming from this spiritual coma the 49th level, of spiritual unawareness to a state of spiritual alertness of the 50th level. The whole the example of this is to show us those who clung to the Tzaddik ‘Moshe Rabbenu’ and thus were attentive and succeeded in entering the land and the reverse is also true it shows the failure of those who wished to remain spiritually asleep.

Our history as a people is replete with examples of both cases.   At this late hour we really need to review the text of our Exodus and learn from it the sublime essence of the story, which is to cling to and to be bitul to the Tzaddik Ha Emes. The whole of the Torah is to explain to us how to remain awake and enjoy the beautiful garden we are here to tend. May it Hashem’s will that many be awakened at this time in a manner which is both gentle and lasting. May the essence of this truth alive and quicken us in anticipation of our forth coming and final Redemption, May it be soon and may be ready for it, Amen           

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mitzvah Gedolah

Shalom to all,                                                            טז שבט תש''ע

I want to thank all of you who are partners with us in starting "Kehilat Hodayah V’Simcha". I cannot find words to express my feelings of warmth and joy at the outpouring of love and support you have show us. We are still in need as we have just begun. There is still the outstanding bill for our Sefer Torah, as well as the need to make ready the piece of ground that the city has given us to prepare for the caravans. We could be in our new building by Pesach if we can raise the support we are in need of. If you are interested in helping contact me Reb Nati at

So now I invite you all of you large and small to rejoice and be happy that you have such a large portion in something which is such eternal benefit for the community! Come and look upon the work of Hashem! Let your eyes see and your hearts rejoice! Just as Hashem has begun to show His kindness and goodness to all of Israel and to us, so may He finish for us. May we merit that this small step in starting this kehila of Emunah based, with achdus and ahavah with thanksgiving and joy, a place where all are welcomed with a smile and a bracha, may this be turned into a start of a movement in our collective return to Hahsem. May all who come here find peace and tranquility, and as they go out from here may this experience accompany them and circulate throughout the world. May the Rebbe’s wellsprings spread fourth, until we merit to start and to finish, until the real truth shines in the heart of every single Jew and the Holy promise that the Rebbe made in so many different forms will be quickly be fulfilled, “I have finished and I will finish!” we still need much salvation and compassion to finish all this and more.

Hashem is our salvation and our hope that we will merit to rejoice in His salvation at all times! I ask you now to publicize this matter to all who have a heart of flesh to come to our aid in starting this project. Hashem is my hope that this represents a sprouting of the seeds of salvation, that the Rebbe’s light will never be extinguished. May this light of this mitzvah of charity bring about a sweetening of all harsh decrees and judgments for you and for us.
Look, see and be astonished! Who would believe our salvation? Now! Now! Come, you, Hashem’s blessed, a pay close attention! Look and see Hashem’s salvation, his kindness and limitless wonders that we have merited now see with our eyes, to illumine and reveal truth and faith in the World! Who would have imagined that I would merit to reveal true encouragement, which knows no limits or bounds! How great are Hashem’s deeds! “You have done great things, Hashem my Elokim.” As He has taken me from the depths, of the klipot and raised me to thi,s even this lowest of levels to serve Him. To find me fit to start a Kehila, and a Yeshiva. His deeds are unfathomably and incalculably Great! Who can utter the mighty deeds of Hashem?! May our salvation come from Hashem, and likewise, may the Rebbe’s holy spiritual light always shine, as he said in his holy words, “My fire will burn until the Mashiach!”

Again to all those who helped bring this about. May Hashem give you success in all your endeavors and may you gain ascendancy and honor. May you merit to walk in the Rebbe’s holy pathways in particular, to say many prayers and supplications, and even more so, that each one of you should express himself before Hashem everyday for at least and hour and should strive always to be happy. Let us be happy and rejoice over His salvation!

Thank you
Shalom from Reb Nati

Friday, January 29, 2010

Emunah Shabbos Newsletter, Edition 6

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be a Partner in a Great Mitzvah!

Shalom this is Reb Nati, I am Happy to announce that we have purchased a Sefer Torah for the new Kehila of Hodayah V'Smicha in Beit shemesh and the Yeshiva of Yesh ma l'asot. Contact us if you would like to contribute or to become a partner in this mitzvah. As we are building a new English speaking Yoreh Deah Yeshiva in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. The need has become apparent to us that we need to have a Emunah based community outreach program and learning facility. The times we live in are tight but we know that all new beginnings are difficult. But Chazal tells us that the Mitzvah of Tzedakah/charity, opens all the locked doors. So if you or someone you know is in need of a bracha help us, and I promise you that you will see new opening in the windows of shefa and blessing. So far I have paid for or pray for everything we have for the new community I need partners in this endeavor. We need plastic chairs and a Bimah the table for reading the Torah on. An Aron Hakodesh and Sidurim & Chumashim as well as. To help to pay for the Sefer Torah I need to raise for the remainder of the Torah another $6.000 that comes to $550 per month for this next year. i need commitments for this as i have to pay this in the next three weeks. My salary is only $700 a month. and my family needs to eat. The building that we are meeting in also cost money, Hashem will help. We have been promise a lot and prefabbed structure for our Shul and Yeshiva but it will take another $25,000 for the site prep. The deal is like this. To receive a $100,000 building we have to pay for the site prep and then the local government will donate the building. So I asking for your help . I am not asking for anyone to more than they can. But if just 700 people will give 36$ a month then we can do this. That's two times Chai a month for a year. 2x 18$($36)x12= our success. Anyone who wishes to donate for chairs and the Seforim we need can do so for a loved one or in the tzechut of someone who has passed away. We need these things now, as we are three weeks away from full time services. Please pray about it and know that you are helping the Geula come by being part of this great mitzvah!

Thank you and good shabbos
Shalom From Reb Nati

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hot Soup or Cold Soup You Deside?

On the street today.

I met a man who asked me are you new here? I crossed the street to speak with the tzaddik.

As we talked he asked are you a chassid? I responded, “Someday I hope just to reach the level of being a Jew. He countered “I’m tired of that shtick", "Nu what are you Breslev”, I said “I hope to be”.

So we talked and it was very friendly, I really enjoy these kinds of encounters as they always give me a chance to encourage my brothers to draw closer to Hashem. So I asked "What is being a Chassid?" and he gave the classic description of a Chassid.

But I asked is it enough to wear a certain style clothes or to davin a certain nusach?

He thought. I answered myself. I explained that it is not enough to be a baal l’vush or baal mitzvah’s or even baal l’mud. The minsha in avos “says that a chassid is one who goes beyond the letter of the Law, in all regards, not just in the length of his peyos. He grants forgivingness where the law does not require him to. As we continued, he said “the litvak Derek is a cold Derek”. I thought about the Derek of my litvishah brothers for a moment. “Ah"! it is for the head and thus in ‘his’ words colder Derek, as we know the head has to remain cooler than the body to function, He went on to describe himself in his own words as a “I’m a litvak yekah with a stickel of chassid”.

I realized that this is mamash the truth! We need to have cool heads, but what about the heart is it a furnace. So chassidus is the Derek of the heart, that we serve Hashem with all hearts. In reality we need both. For in the Shema in the second perek we say twice daily, “You shall love the Hashem with all your heart, with all your soul ‘mind, will, and emotions’ and with all your might ‘these two in unison”. For only when we bring achudus into ourselves will we be able to realize achudus in the Am and bring about the Geula.

But until then you chose? If there are two bowls of delicious homemade chicken soup on the table both the exactly the same except that one is piping hot and the other ice cold, which is the tastier of the two and which do you prefer? The hot soup or the cold soup? He said "Nu what’s the kasha?", “I will always choose the hot soup!”

I said “Nu, My Rebbe, Rav Shalom Arush Shilta, makes a great bowl of hot soup!” He said everything you just said is the Emeser Emes!

" So Nu Why don't you come and try some?"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Emunah Shabbos Newsletter, Edition 5

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emunah Newsletter, Edition 4

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Emunah Newsletter - Edition 2

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