Sunday, February 7, 2010

Waking up

When have you woke up and realized your whole life is a lie? 
Well, everyday that your first thought is not Modeh Ani, is a lie as we will see.

We really have to get into our heads that this life, in this body is just an avatar our souls animate our body. The body we are told, is a golem and only slightly resembles our soul so when we look in the mirror we see a very blurred and distorted version of our real selves.

Our struggle in this state is to be aware and to stay aware of this fact and to as hard as it is, to focus on our real true mission here. You see this is a wonderful world if you view it from reality, it is a Gan Eden. But if you fall into the distraction, then it is a living hell of Gehenom.

You and I choose multiple times a day in which way we will to view it. It has been simplified by the rabbi’s who have shown us the right and correct way to connect to the ‘real’ the ‘alive’ instead of the ‘dead’ of the lie. The structure of our prayers and our learning are designed to help us to from the minute we wake up till we go to sleep focus on the Tachilit the, Emeser Emes, the truth of truth.
 It not easy, even, for those of us who have made it our whole lives’ goal. Just to try and stay focused; we find it at times very difficult to interact with others and events of this world. The World around us by design was to be a perfect place in which every interaction was to be a total reminder of the One who made it. He desired our presence just so He could commune as it were with His children. He longed through the ageless eternity to have essence.  

He created us so that we would choose to be, and to commune with Him. Many of us fall and return daily from this level of consciousness. For some this is hourly. Our hope should be to increase the rate at which we are conscious. These flashes are the result of the constant struggle to remain attached to the source of all the truth and the life. This is our sustenance and our very ‘soul’ lives depend on our attachment to this source.  But sadly to say there are those of us who have just given up and have chosen to just fall asleep and let our time run out. This hospice mentality is a deadly one, just to stay spiritually drugged up until the end. There are two levels of chesder, or concealment.
One is a chesder within a chesder, concealment within a concealment, and this is where most of the world is holding today.

This is the worst situation of all where they do not even realize that they are in a comatose spiritual vegetative state. There is no hope of waking without the greatest of professors i.e. Tzaddik Emes coming and pulling them out of this state. Then there is just a single concealment and this where, the rest of us are. In this state we know vaguely, as we are wake sometimes and asleep at others, we have glimpses of understanding, and later remembering that we are phasing in and out of consciousness. In this state we also need the Tzaddik to come and help us to stay awake. If we at one of these alert times see and find ourselves by the tzaddik then we have grab him and cling to him. Only he can help us and teach us how to remain in a state of consciousness. It takes total commitment and stubbornness to cling to him. 

The whole point of the story of our Exodus from Egypt is to be an example of our coming from this spiritual coma the 49th level, of spiritual unawareness to a state of spiritual alertness of the 50th level. The whole the example of this is to show us those who clung to the Tzaddik ‘Moshe Rabbenu’ and thus were attentive and succeeded in entering the land and the reverse is also true it shows the failure of those who wished to remain spiritually asleep.

Our history as a people is replete with examples of both cases.   At this late hour we really need to review the text of our Exodus and learn from it the sublime essence of the story, which is to cling to and to be bitul to the Tzaddik Ha Emes. The whole of the Torah is to explain to us how to remain awake and enjoy the beautiful garden we are here to tend. May it Hashem’s will that many be awakened at this time in a manner which is both gentle and lasting. May the essence of this truth alive and quicken us in anticipation of our forth coming and final Redemption, May it be soon and may be ready for it, Amen           


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