Friday, February 19, 2010

We have no one to lean....

by Reb Nati at Project Emunah

"We have no one to lean but our Father in heaven", (Sotah)

We are told that this is how it will be in the end and this will be what we feel in the last days. And all of this is to remind us to begin anew to crying out to Hashem that He should allow us to truly come close to him.

May the master of Mercy have compassion on all of us. May we merit to walk in His path ways of truth, so that we will never be ashamed.

Let us be glad and rejoice in His salvation!

This is the essence of perfect faith to believe that Nature is governed by Hashem and that Nature itself is Divine Providence. Some one who's belief in this is complete, he is able to alter nature. For he knows the Truth, that there is actually no Nature at all. And that Hashem governs His World according to this particular order we call 'Nature'. "The one who told oil to light, can tell vinegar to light" (Taanit 25a).

So we see that all miracles occur only as a result of belief that the entire order of Nature is governed by Hashem, Who directs and sustains His world through the letters of the Torah and their various combination's.

Anyone who knows all this can preform awesome miracles and change Nature, because he knows that everything happens by Hashem's will. All this occurs through prayer. For only through the medium of prayer is it possible to attain this knowledge with any degree of frequency. The Searcher of hearts knows the truth, that we cry out to Him in truth! It is known that all the miracles that Hashem performed for the Tzaddikim were a result of prayer (megillah 27a)

The only thing that can surly help any of us at this time, is prayer! Lots of prayer will you not cry out today He is here wait by your side to receive our prayers and help us if we would just surrender and cry out "Father help us!"


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