Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kimcha d'Pischa - Help the Poor for Passover

by Reb Nati at Project Emunah

When we say "Zeman Charusaynu", the time of our redemption has arrived on Passover, will others be able to say it as well? Unfortunately, some just aren't able to do so. In the past few years many have lost their jobs, lost their cars, lost their homes. Others, who were committed to learning Torah while being generously supported by Jewish communities from around the world have lost that support and find themselves struggling to enter a job market where even those with top skills are having trouble.

Now we're just two chassidim trying to do what we can for those around us in need. We operate with no overhead (beyond basic credit card charges to accept donations), no office, no secretary, no staff, no advertising. Every dollar / pound / euro / rubel / krona / etc that we raise goes direct to the needy. Since (to be honest) we're at the point of being needy ourselves, we can only rely on you to help us help others. (And if you want to help us too, the donation form [now] offers a place to designate some for us. And if not, that's ok too! We're asking for others, not for ourselves.)

Kimcha D'Pischa, Charity for the Poor to help with Passover Needs is a mitzvah required by every Jew. If you'd like to help us help those in need in Israel (and the needy in Israel are considered as the poor of your own city), please DONATE HERE...

Thank you and tizku l'mitzvot!


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